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As a TS16949 and ISO14001 certified company, we achieved, "Single PPM" of product defect ratio which has been manufactured according to strict quality management standards.

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Engine Cooling Module

The cooling module consists of a radiator, condenser and fan & shroud.
In particular, as an integrated module, it reduces the labor and time needed to
the air-conditioning system and helps to ensure optimal performance
through strict quality-control inspection of each modular component.

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Located at the very front of an auto engine compartment,
the condenser cools and converts the heated and high-pressure refrigerant
received from the compressor into a liquid form.

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The radiator is necessary to regulate engine temperature
through a heat exchange process involving refrigerant and air flow.
The refrigerant helps to cool the automobile engine
by absorbing the heat generated by its operation.

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Automotive Compressor Parts

The compressor is a critical key unit of the air-conditioning system
that can be compared to the heart of a human body.
CLIZEN produces compressor parts for Automobile, Commercial Vehicle and Bus.

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